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A different kind of stocking for your little ones. Filled with thoughtful goodies to savour for years to come. And no plastic in sight! Choose between two pink or two blue Toto Twiga face masks. Each stocking contains a fun card game, chocolate treats and safari rafikis to delight (‘rafiki’ means friend in Swahili). Each product is handmade in Kenya and supports sustainable livelihoods for the makers and their families. This year our Africa Moon calendar will be swapped for a fun Kenyan surprise so be sure to keep an eye out for something special! 

Handknitted giraffe, 100 % cotton handspun wool, 25 cm tall, from Kenana Knitters

  • Items include: 1 Rafiki Values Tribe playing cards pack from Umba Creations, 2 handmade chocolates, dark and milk, 1 beaded wire giraffe keyring, 1 hand carved wooden giraffe ornament, 1 handmade soft animal decoration (animal and design may vary), 2 Toto Twiga reversible facemasks, with ties (choose between pink or blue), 2 hand painted animal fridge magnets (animal and design may vary)
  • The Rafiki playing cards are a delightful game the whole family can enjoy. Based on four games - charades snap, memory and go fish - they promote values like love, respect, patience, kindness, gratitude and self-control.
  • 100% organic cotton stocking
  • All items made in Kenya

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