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We’ve got a ton of love for these savannah giants. Did you know that elephants have mad trunk skills? With over 40,000 muscles, their trunks can lift up to 350 kg and are nimble enough to pick up, shell and eat a tiny peanut. Not to mention their use as snorkels, hoses and giant straws.
Hand carved from ethically and sustainably sourced material, these decorations are lightweight, natural and timeless.
Ankole, a responsibly sourced material is an ethical by-product of the agricultural industry in East Africa. No animals were harmed or killed in the making of these products

  • Sustainably sourced from Uganda
  • Natural colour
  • 5 cm tall each
  • Set of three (rhino/star/elephant)
  • Colour and pattern may differ slightly from the picture due to natural variance in material and handcrafted nature of this item.
  • Boxed weight: less than 2 kg

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