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4 Knot Silver Elephant Hair Bracelet

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Handsome workmanship sets this ravishing bracelet entirely in its own league. We love its distinct design which is steeped in legend from the African bush. Traditionally made from the individual tail hairs of elephants, it is believed to bring strength and luck to the wearer. 

Handcrafted in Botswana by a father and daughter partnership, these unique bracelets represent one family’s deep love for the African bush. Founder of African Safari Jewellery, Peter Hepburn learnt how to tie traditional elephant hair bracelets as a boy growing up in the Botswanan bush. Today, silver and gold are substituted for elephant tail hairs.

Traditionally given as gifts, these bracelets are steeped in legend and believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to the wearer. It is said that the first knot symbolises the earth and its fertility, whilst the second knot represents spiritual forces. Together, they create harmony.

4 silver strands and 4 silver knots

Sterling silver

Large size:

Open diameter 7.5 cm – 8 cm; closed diameter (at its tightest) 6.5 cm

Open circumference 24 cm; closed circumference 20 cm- 20.5 cm

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