Our shop collection unites our family. We don’t just do safari adventures; we try to change lives. You can change lives too. And have fun whilst doing it

The Giraffe Manor Shop grew out of the popularity of Giraffe Manor, in Nairobi Kenya. It started with a passion to share and celebrate our world. It is part of The The Safari Collection, and holds a unique and special place in our lives. Initially we wanted to celebrate the immense artisanal skill that is pouring out of Kenya: the age old skills of beading, carving and weaving.

Then we decided we also wanted to celebrate the wonderful work of our talented local designers who are taking local treasures and creating things that translate for the rest of the world.

Soon we realised that the talent isn’t just Kenyan, there are a multitude of social impact micro industries all over Africa doing great things. Being brave. Being creative. Having fun. And changing lives. With so much to celebrate, the challenge soon became where do we start. Well, we started with our choice edits. Thinking long and hard about each and every product on our website. Considering its impact alongside its genuine and well-established sustainability.

Each item has its own little story. It also has a positive impact on the community who produces it

This is trade, not aid. We are committed to sourcing ethically made, high quality products which provide fair and sustainable wages to the people producing them. Because all our products are lovingly made by hand in small workshops and peoples’ homes, we cannot promise ‘factory consistency’. Nor do we want to. Everything we sell is one-of-a-kind. Imperfections are part and parcel of our authentic products, handcrafted by skilled artisans.

All the models featured on our website are either a member of our team or one of our friends. Each and every one, from our Samburu guides to our interns, our partner pilots at Safarilink, to our Operations Manager in Nairobi, has their own unique connection to our shop. Whether it’s through a cause close to their heart that one of our products supports, or a celebration of their tribal heritage - or maybe just looking great in front of the camera. 


All our collections have been carefully hand-picked by us for their light footprint, positive social impact and utterly irresistible charm. Shop our collections.

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