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Your drink will never get lost in the crowd again with these fabulous glass charms.
There’s nothing quite as thrilling as coming across one of these five handsome fellows on safari...
Spotting the white tipped tail of a leopard lounging in a tree. Noticing the twitch of a lion’s golden ear through the grass. Glimpsing the tip of a trunk appear over a tree. Seeing the flank of a rhino dart into the bush. Marveling at the thundering hooves of a buffalo herd on the move.
Jewellery with meaning. Shikhazuri was born out of a passion for African wildlife. After spending time rehabilitating animals who had fallen victim to poaching and human-wildlife conflict in Kenya, founder Shikha decided to use jewellery (in this case, jewellery for your glass!) as a force for good. Her carefully curated collections raise funds for wildlife conservation projects and support the livelihoods of skilled artisans from Kenya’s informal sector. Her brand identity blends together her own name, Shikha, with the Swahili word ‘zuri’ which means beautiful. 

  • Silver plated brass with glass beading detail
  • Set of five charms in a box: Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo and Lion
  • Charm size: average width 1.5cm

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