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The Pangolin is mystical, magical and rare. With such great odds piled up against it, its very existence seems almost impossible, yet it continues to exist. If a pangolin can
prevail, then anything is possible. You are possible! There are times in life where you must stand up, walk upright, stare danger in the face and fight for what you believe in.
There are also times when rolling up into a ball is necessary to avoid conflict, protecting your soft underbelly until that danger has passed. In the end, the test won't prove what you're ready for, but what you're made of. Keep a thick skin, but your insides soft.
Be prepared to shift, change and allow your layers to overlap one another, protect your disposition, learn to adapt. Hope is the unconscious awareness that lifts you up despite all the odds against you. You are the proof of your own value. Protect your unique shape, wear it as your body armour. When all seems hopeless, know that your wrong turn may just be a shift in the right direction. That the obstacles that held you back along the way, were only there to help you to finetune your rhythm. The world is full of uncertainty and so much can go wrong. Yet here you are, existing despite all the odds.
That alone makes you magical.

  • Large pendant dimensions: Length: 2cm × Width 1.8cm. Sterling silver chain: 71cm long
  • Ball pendant dimensions: Length: 1.4cm × Width 1.4cm. Sterling silver chain: 40cm long
  • Baby pendant dimensions: Length: 1.2cm × Width 1.2cm. Sterling silver chain: 40cm long

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